Bense & Eicke Saddle Soap with Sponge 500ml

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Bense & Eicke Intensive leather cleaner with sponge applicator. Moisturising leather soap including glycerine. Cleans nourishes and preserves tack and leather goods.

Saddles require a strong soap to clean them effectively as they get very dirty. Saddle soap is a great tool for removing stains, grime, wax, and oil from leather since it is an astringent.

Use on boots, belts, handbags, bridles, saddles, and more. Suede is ineligible for use.

For the best protection, apply saddle soap once every three to four months. Regular use of saddle soap will shield your leather from recurring problems with drying, cracking, and sun damage. 

Bense & Eicke Saddle Soap with Sponge :

• Rehydrating effect
• Includes a sponge
• With glycerin

Size: 500ml

Guidelines for Use:

Apply saddle soap to a damp sponge and use it to clean the leather.

Product Reviews

Good for general dirt and grit

By: on 14 November 2022
This brings up my leather like new

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