Delzani Horse Rug Sizing Guide

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We have put together this comprehensive guide to help you purchase the ideal size Delzani horse rug.


How does Delzani's rug sizing compare to other brands?   

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That depends on the other brand!  What we can confirm, is that Delzani horse rugs are true to size.* Our sizing relates to the measurement taken along the bottom edge of the horse rug, when laid flat, with the gusset closed.

As an example, a 6’0 horse rug will measure 6’0 /183cm, from the front edge of the rug to the rear edge of the rug. 

How to choose the correct size rug?

We suggest you adopt one of the following methods (or ideally both!) to decide on a horse rug size.

Method 1 - measure an existing horse rug.

This is often the more reliable approach.  While the size label on your existing rug should be accurate, the current rug may have stretched, shrunk, or had some suspicious sizing to begin with, so should not be relied upon. 

We suggest selecting a general paddock* rug that fits your horse nicely at present. (avoid using a waterproof style rug that has overlap of the front chest area - see comments below) Lay it down flat on the ground make sure the gusset is closed and measure in a straight line from the front edge/binding of the horse rug to the rear edge/binding. Usually, we suggest doing this from between the front chest buckles, to the rear of the rug. Compare this measurement to our size chart below.

* Avoid using a turnout or waterproof horse rug, as this measuring approach won't work, as waterproof turnout rugs usually incorporate a longer lower edge to allow some overlap of approx 10cm or so of the front edges of the rug, behind the chest buckles. (to achieve waterproofing) If you wanting to find which Turnout size rug you need, we suggest measuring a normal day rug and that same sizing will roll over into choosing the same size in a turnout rug. 

Method 2 - measure your horse.

This method can be a little more challenging and will involve two people.

Find the center of your horse's chest, ideally the spot where you would expect the top chest buckle to be sitting if your horse was wearing a rug. Then take a soft tape measure and measure in a straight line from the center of the horse's chest, around the shoulder, along the side of the belly to the furthest rear point of the rump, or where you expect the rug to finish. ( be sure you don’t measure past the rump towards the tail as this will give you an incorrect size) 

There can be lots of room for error with this method, as few horses stand still for long. Be sure to take the measurement a few times and from both sides of your horse. Compare your measurement to the size chart below.

Delzani Horse Rug Size Guide


Australian Sizing

Hands Rug Size Metric
- Size 3'3 99cm
-- Size 3'6 107cm
- Size 3'9 115cm
- Size 4'0 123cm
- Size 4'3 130cm

10.2 - 12.0 hh

Size 4'6


12.0 - 12.2 hh

Size 4'9


12.2 - 13.2 hh

Size 5'0


13.2 - 14.0 hh

Size 5'3


14.0 - 14.2 hh

Size 5'6


14.2 - 15.0 hh

Size 5'9


15.0 - 15.3 hh

Size 6'0


15.3 - 16.1 hh

Size 6'3


16.1 - 16.3 hh

Size 6'6


16.3 - 17.0 hh

Size 6'9


over 17.0 hh

Size 7'0


* Please note the suggested Hands High (hh) to rug size is a guide only. Horses come in all shapes and sizes, so please reach out to us if you need assistance. 

Delzani Hood Sizing

Hood sizing can be a challenge when buying a hood for the first time or switching to a different brand.  If you have an existing hood, you can compare the overall lengths of our Delzani hood sizes.

How to compare hood sizes:

1. Measure your existing hood. 
Lay your current hood out flat on the ground. Use a measuring tape to measure in a straight line from the tip of the nose to the rear edge of the hood (as shown below)

2. Compare your measurement to the approx hood lengths of a Delzani hood as shown below.

Hood Size Hood Size

XS Pony








XL Full



3.  As an additional reference,  below are general hood sizes based on the rug sizes your horse wears.

However, like people, horses come in all shapes and sizes and there are always exceptions, but as a general guide, the following is usually considered the industry standard, and what we also follow at Delzani:


Rug Size Hood Size

3'3 to 4'3


4'6 to 4'9

XS Pony

5'0 to 5'3


5'6 to 6'3


6'0 to 6'9


6'9 to 7'0

XL Full

* * Please note the suggested hood size to rug size is a guide only. Horses come in all shapes and sizes and there can be variance from one horse to another, or differences in sizing between different manufacturers, so please reach out to us if you need assistance. 

*In some of our styles 6'0 and 6’3 can be offered with either a Cob or Full-size hood attached.

As a general guide,  we only recommend a COB size hood with a 6'0 rug that fits the majority of horses, and only order a Full-Size hood if you are 100% sure. A Full-size hood is a large hood and is generally only used on larger TBs & Warmbloods. Ask us if you are at all unsure.

Similarly in some styles, we offer 6'3 with either a Full or Cob size hood attached. Generally, we only recommend a Full-size hood with a 6'3 rug which fits the majority of horses. Only order a COB Size hood if you are 100% sure. Sometimes the shorter and stockier horses, need the bigger rug size but a smaller hood size (as an example a quarter horse)

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