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Delzani is proudly 100% family-owned & managed and is a brand that has grown out of an endless passion for everything equestrian. With a strong and highly recognised background in the equestrian industry, both here and overseas, we have been directly involved with creating some of the biggest equestrian brands in Australia  - brands that have shaped the industry to where it is today.

This wealth of experience has led to Delzani quickly becoming a household name in Equestrian clothing and horse rugs. Based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Delzani has grown to encompass an ever-growing team of staff that share a passion and ethos to create and bring some of the leading styles in Europe directly to your door – with quality and prices that will have you smiling from ear to ear.

Why Delzani?

What makes Delzani stand out from other equestrian brands? For most people, foremost in their minds is the amazing quality of our fabrics, stylish fit – at prices that just haven’t been seen in the industry before.

How do we do it?  It's very simple, firstly we love what we do. Delzani is built on passion, a passion for manufacturing, a passion for designing and a passion for seeing our products countrywide. We know the equestrian industry inside & out - with over 25 years of manufacturing experience, we control every aspect of our business, from the design phases, creating our own custom fabrics and fittings, manufacturing, right through to getting your latest equestrian clothes direct to your door!  

The Delzani range is continuously evolving as new technology becomes available and most importantly, feedback from our passionate customers.

At Delzani - horses are part of our everyday lives. 

When you contact us, you will often be dealing directly with the people who make the decisions and choices about the products you use and can help you make important purchasing decisions.

Have a question – don’t hesitate to contact us, we look forward to doing business with you.


The Delzani Team