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We all know how frustrating sizing from different retailers can be. There is little consistency between many brands and to make it even more complicated, have you ever successfully measured your waist, hips or bust and found the same measurement twice in a row? 

Delzani Shirt Measurements

Delzani Shirt sizing basics:

  • We follow standard Australian sizing (i.e. 2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, etc)
  • We use the same core 'shoulder' measurements across all our different styles of shirts. If you buy a medium in a show shirt, you can rest assured you will also fit a medium in our polo shirt - except for a looser chest.
  • All our shirt fabrics have a generous blend of spandex/elastane - which gives them flexibility and stretch to fit the majority of body shapes.
  • Our shirts styles are either "FormFIT" or "EzyFIT" and we have further explanations below.

What's the difference between our FormFit and EzyFit?

Both styles share the same shoulder widths 'A' and the same shirt lengths 'B'. The other key differences are highlighted below.


Our FormFIT is predominantly used in our Show & Competition Shirts and is a slightly firmer fit in the chest, waist, and hips. We use a higher spandex content in this fit to allow the shirts to comfortably fit your body shape and this fit is still very forgiving.


The EzyFIT design has a slightly more relaxed fit through the chest, waist, and hips. It's a more casual look and it is commonly used in our Technical, Training and Polo Shirt as well as our Jackets. Long Sleeve versions will also have a little more room in the sleeve width as well.

How does Delzani sizing compare to others in the market?

Delzani shirts use standard "Australian" sizing and the feedback from our customers is that they are in line with the sizing used in many traditional brands.  We are often asked if our sizing is smaller or larger, however, it's all relative to the brand you are comparing them to. I'm sure we have all noticed the trend for some brands to downsize their sizing,  shirts that used to be size Large, suddenly start being labelled as size Medium to boost our self-confidence! 

Size Guide - Shirts

At Delzani, we have taken a very simple approach to help you get the right size. We think the best approach is to measure a shirt that fits you perfectly already - then cross-reference that to our size chart. Ignore the size label on any shirt you already have - it's probably not much help!!

Step 1: Find Your Best-Fitting Shirt

Find an existing shirt that already fits you nicely (ideally two shirts as a comparison), lay the shirts out on a flat surface.

Step 2: Measure Across Shoulder Seams

Measure from shoulder seam to shoulder seam. Find the shoulder seam where the sleeve meets the shoulder. Refer to this as Measurement 'A'

How to measure shoulder width on a shirt

Step 3: Measure Shirt Length

This is measured from the base of the collar (excluding the collar), where the collar attaches to the shirt, on the rear seam of the neckline. Then measure down to the bottom edge of the shirt. If your shirt doesn't have a collar, measure from the top of the neck binding on the rear of the shirt. Refer to this as Measurement 'B'

How to measure length on a Delzani shirt


Step 4: Measure Shirt Chest

Find the sleeve seam where it meets the body of the shirt (armpits), which is usually the widest part of the trunk of the shirt. Measure where the sleeve seam meets the shirt body. Note, Measurement 'C' for FormFit Shirts is different to Measurement 'C' for EzyFit Shirts (refer above). Refer to this as Measurement 'C'

How to measure chest width on a Delzani shirt


Step 5: Compare 'A', 'B', and 'C' measurements to the Size Chart below.

The 'A' measurement (across the shoulder seams) is the most relevant measurement for ensuring a good fit. Keep in mind everyone has a different body shape - so you might have to look for the best combination of 'A', 'B', and 'C' that fits you.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us.

The shirt Sizes below reflect the shirt laid flat.

Click to Enlarge

*Each shirt is carefully handmade, note +/-1 to 2cm industry-standard manufacturing allowance.

How do you work out the best size for Jackets & Jumpers?

Please refer to the size guide within each Jacket listing. Our Jacket sizing can vary a little depending on the Jacket style, so we have a detailed size guide in each listing. 

Looking for our Breeches and Tights size guide? You can find it here

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