Fly Mesh Horse Rugs - Air Flow & Insect Protection

Welcome to our collection of cool Fly Mesh Horse Rugs. Delzani horse rugs are thoughtfully designed to provide superior comfort and protection for your equine companion. Crafted from lightweight and breathable materials, these rugs ensure that your horse


Our Delzani fly mesh rug range features a variety of colours & mesh fabrics, allowing you to select the perfect style for your horse while providing a great fit and optimal freedom of movement. Designed for durability, these rugs are built to withstand the rigors of daily use. We offer designs with attached hood mesh rugs or the more versatile neck combo rug designs.

Whether your horse needs relief from pesky flies or protection from the elements, our cool Fly Mesh Rugs offer a versatile solution. Keep your horse comfortable and stylish, with a rug that truly understands the needs of your beloved equine friend. Shop now and experience the difference with Delzani.

Optimal Horse Comfort: Our Cool Fly Mesh Horse Rugs are designed with your horse's comfort in mind. The lightweight and breathable mesh material keeps your horse cool even on the warmest days. The innovative design prevents overheating, making it ideal for extended outdoor activities and preventing discomfort for your horse.

Durable Design: We understand that horse rugs need to withstand daily wear and tear. That's why our Cool Fly Mesh Horse Rugs are built for durability. They can handle the demands of daily use, providing a long-lasting solution that won't let you or your horse down.

Stylish and Colourful: We know that style matters. Our range of horse rugs comes in a variety of colours, allowing you to select a rug that not only offers functionality but also complements your horse's appearance. This means your horse can look good while enjoying the benefits of our quality rugs.

Protection from Insects: Flies can be a constant bother for horses. Our Cool Fly Mesh Horse Rugs offer a practical solution. These rugs create a protective barrier, preventing insects from irritating your horse. With added protection, your horse can enjoy their time outdoors without the annoyance of buzzing pests.

Weather-Resistant: These horse rugs are not just for fly protection; they also offer an effective shield against the elements. Whether it's heat or harsh sunlight, your horse will stay comfortable under our rug's reliable protection.

Freedom of Movement: Horses are active animals and require freedom of movement. Our Cool Fly Mesh Horse Rugs are designed to provide just that. They allow your horse to move naturally without any restrictions, ensuring your horse's well-being and performance are not compromised.

Delzani takes pride in offering horse rugs that are better than the competition. Our commitment to quality, comfort, and style ensures that our Cool Fly Mesh Horse Rugs stand out among the rest. When you choose Delzani, you're choosing the best for your horse.

Invest in your horse's well-being and happiness by choosing from our range of Cool Fly Mesh Horse Rugs. Delzani - where your horse's comfort and style matter. Shop now and experience the difference for yourself.

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