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Delzani nose flaps are designed to provide an extra level of protection for those horses that suffer from sunburn.

They can be added to almost any hood.  Each nose flap is made from a strong, soft, and breathable fly mesh. 

Each nose flap is 320mm long (i.e. down the length of the face) and can be reduced to suit your ideal fit. The width is 360mm at its widest point. 

At Delzani, we are aware of the profound connection you have with your horses and the significance of caring for their health and happiness. The Delzani Nose Flap is the ideal accessory for your horse's horse rug hood to maintain good health being made with quality and comfort in mind.

The Delzani Nose Flap is designed to be convenient and simple to attach. These nose flaps are designed to be sewn under the nose band of the hood.  It won't take long for your horse to be protected.

The Delzani Horse Rug Hood Nose Flap Features:

Best Defence: The Delzani Nose Flap is expertly crafted to protect the delicate nose of your horse from the elements. Your horse will have the best protection possible from the scorching sun & stinging insects.

Breathable and lightweight: We realise how crucial it is to keep your horse comfortable, especially when they are donning safety gear. Our nose flap is made of 385gsm fly mesh that is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. 

Durable and Long-Lasting: We are aware that the welfare of your horse is a constant concern. The Delzani Nose Flap was designed with durability in mind because of this. It is made to resist the rigours of outdoor living, providing your horse with long-lasting protection.

 Note, we do not offer a service to attach nose flaps to our hoods at the time of purchase. 

Product Reviews

Good Size and Shape

By: on 14 August 2023
I found the shape worked well for my horses nostrils, and there was adequate length to cut down to suit my horses hood.

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