A Guide to Delzani Horse Rug Fabrics

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Delzani paddock horse rug fabrics!

When it comes to providing the best protection and comfort for your beloved equine companion, the right choice of fabric for their rug is crucial.  In this guide, we will explore the different types of fabrics used in Delzani horse rugs, their features, benefits, and recommended uses.

Whether you're a professional rider, a casual equestrian enthusiast, or a caretaker of horses, this guide will help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right fabric for your horse's rug.

Ripstop Paddock Rugs

Ripstop paddock horse rugs are the go-to for year-round rugging options - for their exceptional durability and resistance to tearing. The fabric used in ripstop paddock horse rugs is woven with a special technique that creates a grid-like pattern, with thicker threads interwoven at regular intervals to prevent small tears from spreading. This unique design makes ripstop paddock horse rugs highly resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for horses that spend a lot of time in paddocks or pastures.

What are they made of?   Those of us a little longer in the tooth – often refer to these as cotton ripstops.  But the days of horse rugs being cotton …… are long behind us.

While cotton is a commonly used fabric in many applications, it’s not the best choice for horse rugs. Cotton tends to absorb and retain moisture, which can make it heavy when wet and take longer to dry. This can be problematic in equestrian settings where horses may be exposed to rain, sweat, or damp conditions, as a wet cotton rug can cause discomfort and potentially lead to chafing or skin issues for the horse.

Additionally, cotton lacks sufficient insulation in colder weather, as it lacks the insulating properties of other fabrics commonly used in horse rugs, such as synthetic or natural fibres specifically designed for warmth. This can result in the horse feeling cold and uncomfortable, especially during colder seasons or in harsh weather conditions. Cotton is prone to mould, mildew, and other types of fungi and can be an issue in damp or humid environments

Cotton is not as durable and is much more prone to ripping or tearing, especially in rugged outdoor environments or when horses are roughhousing or rolling on the ground.

Overall, while cotton has its advantages in certain applications (cotton is highly breathable), it has too many drawbacks as listed above – including shrinkage, but in a world of dwindling resources, cotton is very expensive.  Yes - it’s ideal for your polo cross shirt – but not ideal for a horse rug.  
If someone is claiming a horse rug to be 100% cotton, you should expect the price to be 2 to 3 times higher than modern alternatives.

Luckily synthetic fabrics and blends have come a long way over the last 15 years, coming ahead in leaps and bounds in modern synthetic fibres like polyester, nylons and Polycotton, that offer better strength and breathability.

At Delzani, we make all of our Paddock Ripstop rugs from 70/30 Polycotton.  From our experience a perfect blend of 70% Polyester to 30% Cotton gives the ideal balance of strength, and breathability.  We use a hexagon weave ripstop which offers extra strength and durability.

Delzani fabric is made by blending polyester fibres with cotton fibres. It is a type of blended fabric that combines the desirable properties of both polyester and cotton.

Polyester is well known for its durability, wrinkle resistance, and ability to retain shape and colour even after repeated washing and wearing. It is also resistant to moisture, making it quick-drying and less prone to mildew or mould growth. On the other hand, cotton is a natural fibre that is soft, breathable, and known for its comfort against the skin.

By blending polyester and cotton fibres together, polycotton fabric can offer a balance of both materials' strengths for horse owners who want a fabric that balances the benefits of polyester and cotton for their horse's needs.

Flag Horse Rug Fabric

Flag fabric is unbeatable when it comes to a cool and lightweight horse rug option. Flag is called 'flag' as it resembles the fabric used in a traditional flag (think of the Australian flag).  It is an open weave polycotton - in many ways similar to cheesecloth.  It allows airflow to pass through the fabric and keeps out most insects while offering good sun protection.

But it comes at a price - as 'flag' is very easily destroyed on a horse that is itchy,  has the wrong temperament or it gets caught on a fence etc. So don't expect a long life from a flag rug. Ripstop or Mesh can be a better option for horses who are tough on rugs. 

Delzani Flag is lightweight with an open weave that allows high airflow, but adequate sun and insect protection and is 100% cotton. We offer flag into two variations.

Standard traditional flag or our new Defender flag with built in ripstop for added strength (available Sep 2024)

Traditional Flag 
Cool Hex Weave Flag
Defender Flag (avail Sep 2024)

Fly Mesh Fabrics 

We offer our mesh rugs in three fabric variations, the Barcoo, Warrego and Apollo Mesh. All thesefabrics perform very well and have slight differences as outlined below.

Barcoo Mesh - The Barcoo is our premium air mesh. It is 280gsm construction and features a flat weave mesh.  This means it can be less abrasive on your horse's coat compared to some of the other heavier mesh rugs on the market.  It features a smaller weave than our Warrego mesh, so offers slightly better insect and UV protection. It is an ideal all-season mesh rug option.

UV stabilized rating of 87% +- protection

^ Barcoo Flat Weave Mesh

Warrego Mesh - The Warrego mesh is a raised and woven mesh and is 200gsm in construction.  From a strength perspective, it's very similar (maybe slightly stronger) compared to our Barcoo mesh.  Slightly more airflow – due to its raised and larger mesh weave.  For horses that have very sensitive coats, the flat weave Barcoo mesh can be a better option.

UV stabilized rating of 82% +- protection

^Warrego Raised Weave Mesh

Apollo Mesh -  The Apollo is Delzani's newly developed 180gsm flat weave fly mesh/fabric. We like to describe it as a marriage of the best attributes of both a fly mesh rug (strength, sun & insect protection) and a cool cotton flag (close knit flat weave) -  combined into one horse rug (high airflow and gentle on the coat). 

Pro's: Its a silky flat mesh closer to a flag weave, gentle on the coat, stronger than Flag. Great insect protection.
Con's: Not as strong as our Barcoo or Warrego Mesh. Not as cool as our Flag (but close)

UV stabilized rating of 91% +- protection

^Apollo Fly Mesh