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Unsure how to best fit your horse rugs leg straps?


Seems a pretty simple process right? But you will be surprised how many people are unaware of the best way to fit leg straps to secure a horse rug in place. 


There are generally 3 ways to secure leg straps and we outline each below: 


We recommend the best way to fit leg straps is to loop them thru each other (as per image above) This is by far the best method, as it restricts just how much the rug can slip from side to side, and is particular good in horses who love to roll.

Take the first leg strap and pass it under and thru, connecting to the rear D ring on the rear of the rug, still on the same side. Then take the opposite leg strap and pass in between the horses legs, but also passing it through the original leg strap and connect it to the rear D-ring. So both leg straps connect to their respective rear D rings on the same side, but they loop over each other in the middle. Can be a bit tricky for geldings and stallions, depending on the fit and style of the rug, you may need to just use the cross over method as below.

Cross Over

As simple as it sounds – the left hand leg straps pass thru and crosses over to attach to the rear right D ring, and vice versa for the other leg strap. So the straps cross over each other. This can be a bit better for geldings & stallions.

Straight through.

This method the left leg strap passes thru and connects with the rear left d-ring, (and vice versa for the opposite side).  We don’t recommend this method – it’s very easy for the rug to slip right over to one side, and the straps can really start to cut into your horse.

How tight should my leg straps be?  

Ideally you should be able to get a fist sideways between the inner thigh of your horse and the leg strap. We recommend 10-15cm is ideal. 

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