Contour-Pro Neoprene Numnah Half Pad - with Shim System

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Loved by saddle fitters, the Contour Pro features a shock-absorbing neoprene outer shell with 100% Australian lambswool rolls and a soft quilted cotton undershell for breathability.

These half-pad numnahs feature a removable shim pad system, that allows the pads to be inserted from the lower edge of the numnah (rather than the top edge like most). This allows the shim pads to push higher in the shim & pocket and sit very close to the centre spin of the numnah.  It is a game changer - especially for higher-withered horses. 

Our numnahs feature a full-length shim pocket and come with two pre-shaped shims for each side (refer to pictures), you can add or remove extra shims as needed. (extra sets sold separately) This one-pocket design, is very popular with saddle fitters, as they can be very precise when custom fitting a saddle, as this design allows layering of shims of any size, at the right location, to build up the pad as needed to suit your horse. 

These half pads can be used with Jumping, All-purpose, or Dressage saddles and the spineless design creates an air channel, allowing a free flow of air between the horse's spine and saddle pad.

Delzani Contour Pro Numnahs with Shims feature:

-> Shock-absorbing neoprene top outer shell with Genuine 100% Australian Sheepskin front and rear rolls.

-> Soft 100% cotton quilted under shell with high breathability and perspiration absorption.

-> Our pads feature a layered padded approach, with a quilted cotton underside, then a layer of 22mm high-density PU memory foam, followed by our shim pads, then our outer neoprene shell.

-> 4 x high-density 10mm thick memory foam shim set. (extra sets available to purchase)

-> Contoured shape to mirror your horse's spine and wither.

Contour Pro Numnah Half Pad Size Chart

Still unsure of which size you need?

We suggest measuring your saddle from front to back ( i.e. from pommel to cantle) and then referring to the sizes given above. Ideally, you want the numnah to be big enough to have the rolled sheepskin on the front and trailing edge of the numnah extending past the pommel and cantle to your desired length (usually 5 to 6cm).

Please always remember that the use of a sheepskin or a correction pad has to be recommended by a professional saddle fitter after a proper horse evaluation and that the saddle tree size or gullet may need to be adjusted to suit your horse.

We understand you want to keep your 100% Lambswool numnah looking like new for as long as possible. See our sheepskin care guide here to ensure the longest life of your saddle pad. 

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Amazing fit

By: on 21 April 2024
I just love the fit and finish of this pad it is a top-notch design that provides amazing contact. The large size fits my 17.5" wintech perfectly - very happy and for the price my husband now wants one!

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