Heritage Downs AntiSeptic Tea Tree & Neem Powder 125gm

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The Heritage Downs Tea Tree & Neem Powder contains kaolin clay, which is remarkable for its mineral makeup since it has a high percentage of silicon dioxide and maintains a neutral pH level. Silicon dioxide's detoxifying properties enable Kaolin to remove pollutants without overdrying.

Combined with the soothing and deodorizing effects of Tea Tree and Neem, two amazing all-natural healing agents.

Simple to use: simply squeeze the puffer bottle onto the desired region or form a poultice by combining it with a little water.

Use in conjunction with Heritage Downs Cleansing Tea Tree Spray.

Heritage Downs Tea Tree & Neem Powder:

• High-Concentration Formula
• Detoxifying Ingredients To Extract Impurities
• Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
• Healing Properties to Soothe & Deodorise

Size: 125gm 

Guidelines for Care

A patch test is advised at least 24 hours prior to use because certain animals are sensitive to essential oils.

Guidelines for Use

Simply squeeze the puffer bottle onto the desired region for application. Apply again every day or as needed. Avoid the area around the eyes.

Product Reviews

Very effective

By: on 14 November 2022
Another awesome natural product, i find it very effective, only small amounts needed and healing happens quickly.

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