NRG No-Nots Detangler & Conditioner Spray 500ml

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NRG No-Nots is the ultimate 'No-Fuss' Horse Mane and Tail Detangler and Conditioner Spray. 

The days of wasting hours plucking manes and wrangling with tangled tails and hair are long gone. Use NRG No-Nots, Australia's well-known hair conditioner, and detangler, to save time and frustration. This water-based grooming product is straightforward and quick to use, free of dangerous chemicals, and doesn't leave an oily finish on the coat or on you. 

Regular grooming with No-Nots will maintain manageable, soft hair, which will make caring for your horse easier and save you time. Be amazed at how easy a simple spray on muddy areas will remove dirt and grime easily with each brush.

NRG No Nots Mane & Tail Detangler:

• Trusted detangler and conditioner that WORKS!
• Save time and energy by simply spraying and grooming. 
• Free from hazardous chemicals and water-based 
• Non-greasy finish

Size: 500ml 

Brand: NRG No-Nots is Australia’s favourite ‘No Fuss’ Mane and Tail detangler and conditioner spray.

Directions for Care

A patch test is advised at least 24 hours prior to use because certain animals can have sensitive skin.

Directions for Use

Simply spray NRG No-Nots into manes and tails, being sure to cover all exposed regions. Then, simply style the hair by brushing and combing it lightly. Spray No-Nots on hair and let it sit for two minutes before styling it for longer-lasting effects. This will give the hair time to absorb the spray and make the strands simpler to manage. 

TIP:  Spray NRG No-Nots over the horse's likely rubbing areas before rugging to help prevent rug rubs. 

Product Reviews

Wow. Its amazing!

By: on 13 February 2023
I wish i had tried this years ago. It makes brushing out tails and manes so simple. Silky smooth. Goes a long way.

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