Australian Sheepskin Numnah Half Pad - with Shim System

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At Delzani we have gone to great lengths to design a premium quality Australian sheepskin numnah – that won’t break the bank account!

These half-pad numnahs feature a corrective removable shim pad system so that you can adjust it perfectly to fit your saddle to your horse.  They are ideal for horses that are difficult to fit saddles, or if you have one saddle and multiple horses.

Our numnahs feature two front and two rear pockets, so you can add or remove shims as needed. We supply our numnahs with 4 x high-density memory foam shims, which we find much more versatile, shock-absorbing, and supportive than felt. (you can put extra shims if needed – see separate listing) 

These half pads can be used with Jumping, All Purpose, or Dressage Saddles and the spineless design creates an air channel, allowing a free flow of air between the horse's spine and saddle pad and assisting to remove pressure from your horse's wither and spine.

Delzani Numnahs with Shims feature:

• Genuine 100% Australian Sheepskin on the underside, offering high breathability and perspiration absorption, with a quilted cotton outer shell. 

• Our pads feature a layered approach, with Sheepskin, then a layer of 22mm high-density PU memory foam, then our outer quilted shell, which includes 4 x Velcro soft tab shim pockets

• 4 x high-density 10mm thick memory foam shim set. (extra sets available to purchase)

• Includes topside abrasion pads to reduce friction between your saddle and numnah

• Contoured shape to mirror your horse's spine and whither.

Numnah Sizing:

Full Size   =  58cm in total length^ 
Cob Size  =  54cm in total length^

^ Sizing taken along numnah spine, (front to rear) including sheepskin rolled edges.

Still unsure of which size you need?

We suggest measuring your saddle from front to back ( i.e. from pommel to cantle) and then referring to the sizes given above. Ideally, you want the numnah to be big enough that you have the rolled sheepskin on the front and trailing edge of the numnah extending past the pommel and cantle to your desired length (usually 5 to 6cm).

Please always remember that the use of a sheepskin or a correction pad has to be recommended by a professional saddle fitter after a proper horse evaluation and that the saddle tree size or gullet may need to be adjusted to suit your horse.

See our sheepskin care guide here to ensure the longest possible life from your saddle pad. 

Product Reviews

Numnah Half Pad with shimes

By: on 1 April 2024
This is an excellent pad with great quality. Shims work great and are easy to adjust--wool quality is excellent. I am in Canada and field hunt with hounds and we cannot get quality pads like this here and if we do they a very expensive. These pads are great and allow freedom for the horse and comfort under the saddle. Thanks you Sasha for arranging shipment to Canada. I am already ordering more. Cheers Jamie Hughes, MFH and huntsman Ottawa Valley Hunt Ontario, Canada

Great Numnah, fantastic price!

By: on 24 January 2024
Absolutely love the look and feel of this numnah, it fits perfectly and looks amazing! Being white I was a little worried about it getting really dirty but it’s very easy to clean. Highly recommended!

Exceptional quality

By: on 11 January 2024
Bought the black full version, sheepskin is super soft, fits perfectly under my 17 inch dressage saddle and would easily fit under a 17.5. Don’t need the shims at the moment but they feel nice and squishy.

Numnah Half Pad - with shim pads

By: on 14 August 2023
Thank you for such a well made pad. My mare has a sway back so I removed the front shims and it fits her perfectly with my all purpose saddle. It has helped a great deal in making the saddle fit correctly.

Half pad numnah

By: on 20 March 2023
So happy with this product and the service was fantastic


By: on 16 February 2023
Have only used it once but appears the be great.

These sound amazing!

By: on 8 December 2022
Please let me know when they are in stock.

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