Soft Core Lead Rope with Panic Hook

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Panic snap hooks on horse lead ropes are crucial safety components that provide peace of mind for horse owners and handlers.

With their user-friendly mechanism, panic snap hooks enable handlers to react promptly when a horse panics or becomes entangled, minimizing the risk of injury for both the horse and the handler. Investing in a lead rope equipped with a panic snap hook is a smart decision for any horse owner, ensuring they have a reliable tool to handle unforeseen circumstances and prioritize safety in equestrian activities.

These leads are soft on the hand and are 22mm in diameter. They are constructed from high-quality weaved polyester around an internal soft-core rope.

They feature a heavy-duty panic snap hook latch, which is very easy to operate and brings added peace of mind.

Each lead rope is 200cm long.

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Good Latch Design

By: on 14 December 2022
I have used these styles of latches in the past. They are very strong and easier to use on my old hands than the usual styles.

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