Troy Repel-X Spray Insecticidal and Repellent Spray

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Troy Repel-X spray kills and repels flies and other biting insects on horses, dogs, cattle and pigs.

An effective treatment against flies and other biting insects. You can prevent infestations by applying this repellent to the vulnerable areas near the eyes, ears, and tail. 

Repel-X Formula 500ml:

  • Troy Repel X 500ml
  • Insecticidal and repellent spray 500ml.
  • Kills and repels flies and other biting insects for horses, dogs, cattle and pigs.
  • Repel-x formula

Size: 500ml 

Contains: N, N-Diethyltoluamide 20g/L, Di-N-propyl isocinchomeronate 20g/L, N-Octyl Biccloheptene dicaroboximide 10g/L, Piperonyl Butoxide 8g/L, Citronella 5g/L, Pyrethrins 2g/L, Pyrethrins 0.05%, Piperonyl Butoxide 0.50%, Permetrhin 0.10%.

Guidelines for Care

Use only as directed by your veterinarian. A patch test is advised at least 24 hours prior to use because certain animals are sensitive to essential oils.

Directions for Use

Simply squeeze the puffer bottle onto the desired region for application. Apply again every day or as needed. Avoid the area around the eyes. 

Product Reviews

Very effective.

By: on 13 February 2023
My horse suffers from insects bites terribly. I find this works really well. I apply morning and night. Sometimes i miss a day - but the protection seems to last well.

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