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Designed for the hottest of weather, the Delzani flag cloth horse rug is the ideal summer horse rug. The ultra-cool cloth fabric is lightweight with high airflow providing a protective barrier from insects and UV protection. 

We use a 200gsm Flag fabric - which is the lightest, coolest fabric we offer in our horse rugs.

One of the primary functions of the Flag Cloth Rug is to shield your horse from flies, midges, and other insects that can lead to health issues like Queensland itch. This rug creates a protective barrier, keeping these pests at bay and ensuring your horse remains healthy and comfortable. In the boiling summer heat, it's crucial to keep your horse cool. The Flag Cloth Rug's design allows for the free flow of air, preventing overheating. Additionally, it provides shade, protecting your horse from direct sunlight during sweltering days, ensuring they stay comfortable and safe.  

Delzani Equestrian's Flag Cloth Rug is constructed using 200 GSM PolyCotton Flag Cloth fabric, currently regarded as the best in class. Unlike other flag combos, this rug's fabric retains its integrity, with woven threads staying firmly in place, even in demanding conditions.

The mane and shoulders are lined with a dual layer of flag cloth. There are several advantages of dual flag lining (instead of our standard satin lining). In particular; improved breathability (reduction in sweating and improved moisture absorption), improved durability (satin does not stitch well to flag cloth, satin also can tend to snag and tear more easily), exceptionally soft (100% cotton offers superior anti-rub properties).

Our flag neck combos feature a generous drop, especially in the bigger sizes (where other brands fall short), and lots of design features to provide unbeatable value.

Delzani Flag Neck Combo Horse Rugs Feature:

• Lightweight 200gsm Flag cloth fabric
• Contoured center back line w/rump darts, for custom fit
• Generous side drops
• Adjustable/removable webbed leg straps
• Fleece wither padding
• Night reflectors attached to the rug for night safety
• Large tent tail flaps (mare-friendly)
• Quality buckles and clips
• Bartac reinforcing on all fittings

The flag fabric is unbeatable when it comes to a cool and lightweight horse rug option. It's an open-weave PolyCotton - in many ways similar to cheesecloth. It allows airflow to pass through the fabric and keeps out most insects while offering good sun protection. But it comes at a price as flag fabric is very easily destroyed on a horse that's itchy, has the wrong temperament, or gets caught on a fence, etc.  So don't expect a long life from a flag rug. Ripstop or Mesh can be a better option for horses who are tough on rugs.

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Accessories Sold Separately:

To allow the most ideal customisation possible for your horse rug we sell the following accessories separately: 


Product Reviews

Love this rug!

By: on 14 March 2024
Super rug. Great quality. Sizing is genuine

Flag rugs

By: on 17 February 2024
Excellent value and well Fitting for my hard to fit OTT that identifies as a warmblood/whale . Highly recommend ! Fantastic value even when not on sale !

My new favourite summer rug

By: on 13 January 2024
My itchy horse needs to be rugged over summer, but the weather gets very hot here. This rug is a perfect weight for breathability & protection. I am very impressed by the quality and the fit, and I will be buying more rugs from delzani!

Cant wait!

By: on 2 June 2023
Your other rugs have been a great fit on my mare. Im looking forward to trying your flag this season. Great work Delzani.

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