HAAS Effect Horse Brush

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The HASS EFFECT Brush with inclined pig bristles is hard on dirt and debris in one direction. When used in the opposite direction the brush provides a gentle smooth brush effect to your horse, guaranteeing a healthy and well-groomed coat.

The all-rounder HAAS EFFECT Brush. This is an incredibly diverse 'dual' action brush that gives coats that one brush gleam. A game changer that removes deep-seated dirt in one direction and then change direction to get that show shine. A must in winter!

The EFFECT Brush comes in 200mm x 35mm brush size and a leather hand strap. 

HAAS EFFECT Horse Brush:

  • Material: Horse Hair and Pig Bristles
  • Grooming Type: Brush
  • Grooming Purpose: Dual Action: Removes Dirt and Smooth Brush Effect
  • Grooming Area: Body Soft-Medium Stiffness (General Purpose)


  • Hygiene (as the brushes are washable)
  • High stability
  • Long-life
  • Easy handling
  • Water-resistant
  • Accuracy in assembly
  • Better anchorage of the bristles
  • No Splintering Inserted hand strap, HAAS patent.

Directions for use:

During a daily grooming session, the groomer often takes up the EFFECT as the first brush after Curry Comb and also use it in the opposite direction as a finishing brush.

About the Brand: HAAS brushes have been manufactured in Germany since 1919. All Haas brushes are composed of carefully chosen natural and synthetic materials, including horse hair and natural fibers. HAAS brushes don't have wooden backs, and there are no nails, screws, or pins utilised in attaching the hand straps to the brush bristles. The strap cannot be pulled out or loosened. This ensures a long-life brush.

Product Reviews

My Fav HAAS Brush

By: on 25 April 2023
I have a few HAAS Brushes - this is by far my fav to use. Not many folks stock this model - super happy.

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