Heritage Downs Horse Shampoo

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Heritage Downs Sulphate & Paraben Free Shampoo was created to provide a thorough washing that leaves your animal looking beautiful, shiny, and smooth with a wonderful scent - all year round.

Including Neem and the purest forms of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Citronella essential oils. Its antibacterial and antifungal characteristics aid in the treatment of skin issues and the eradication of scurf/dandruff from the mane and tail.

In addition to helping relieve skin irritations such as QLD Itch and Rain Scald on horses or Demodectic and Sarcoptic Mange on dogs, the combination of substances helps keep the bothersome insects at bay.

Grease and dirt are removed without removing the coat's natural oils. Ideal for show animals that require more frequent washing and fragile coats. A low foaming composition that is simple to rinse.

With the help of this eco-friendly treatment, your priceless animal will always look its best.

Heritage Downs Sulphate Free Shampoo:

• Concentrated Formula
• Made from 100% High-Quality Ingredients
• Safe for the Environment
• For a lustrous, clean, and healthy coat

Sizes: 500ml and 1Ltr easy-to-pour bottles available

Directions for Care

A patch test is advised at least 24 hours prior to use because certain animals are sensitive to essential oils.

Instructions for Storage

Use a rubber curry comb to massage the conditioner through the coat, mane, and tail right after shampooing. Apply a comb or brush to the mane and tail to untangle them. Before fully rinsing under running water, let the conditioner sit on for at least 10 minutes for the greatest benefits.

Product Reviews

Ideal for sensitive skins

By: on 13 February 2023
Love this product - very effective and gentle on my horses sensitive skin

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