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Filta-Bac is an antibacterial, antiseptic, and wound-protectant cream with a sun filter for use on dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, and goats.

It provides effective protection against the sun for sensitive or damaged skin, as well as anti-bacterial activity for wounds and skin conditions.


When using as a sun filter/screen:

  • Horses, cattle, sheep, and goats: Apply a thin layer each morning to exposed areas. Apply up to 3 times daily when required.
  • Dogs: Apply up to 3 times daily.

When used as an anti-bacterial and antiseptic:

  • Apply a covering layer to damaged skin areas at least daily until healed. For dairy animals with teat and udder sores, remove any remaining Filta-Bac before milking by bathing the area with warm water and mild soap, and rinsing well. Apply Filta-Bac to sores immediately after milking.

Wound protection:

  • Apply a covering layer to cuts, including saddle and girth sores in horses, at least daily until healed. Clean the affected area, remove any excess serum with an anti-septic solution or mild soap and water, and rinse well before applying Filta-Bac.

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By: on 13 February 2023
I found this easy to apply - and it stays on longer than other products ive tried.

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