Virbac Strategy T Broad Spectrum Horse Wormer

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STRATEGY-T by Virbac is the only broad-spectrum horse wormer on the market that combines a benzimidazole (BZ) and tetrahydropyrimadine (THP) solution. STRATEGY-T efficiently treats all common horse worms without using a macrocyclic lactone (mectin). 

STRATEGY-T has a special blend of active substances that work together to produce STRATEGY-Ts outstanding efficacy. 

STRATEGY-T is approved for the treatment and management of susceptible strains of all prevalent horse worms, including adult stages of ascarids that are ivermectin, moxidectin, and abamectin resistant. As a result, STRATEGY-T is the ideal wormer to use in a long-term, strategic program for all horses. 

Use in conjunction with Heritage Downs Cleansing Tea Tree Spray.

Virbac Strategy-T Broad Spectrum Horse Wormer:

• Australia's Best Non-Mectin Based Wormer
• Safe to use on all types of horses including pregnant mares, foals, and breeding stallions
• Each tube can treat horses up to 700kg
• Palatable Vanilla Flavour For Ease of Administration

Size:  35ml 

Directions for use:

At the recommended dose level of 1ml per 20kg, Strategy-T oral broad spectrum worm paste for horses treats and controls the following parasites: Large Strongyles: (Bloodworms) Strongylus spp., Triodonotophorus spp.


Egg shedding may recommence 2-4 weeks after treatment. A re-treatment interval of 2-4 weeks will provide better control of the immature (juvenile) stages of ML resistance of Parascaris equorom.

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Stood the test of time

By: on 14 November 2022
I find my horses tolerate this wormer and easier to administer than others.

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